Welcome to the Oasis

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Welcome to the Oasis

Get lost in a sea of sensations, leads to limit your borders and dive with us in the middle of the Sahara desert and enjoy a magical stay in a unique environment with all the comforts in the wild desert.

Our Oasis offers the best private khaimas desert of Merzouga. The facilities of first quality, always respecting the nature that surrounds us. With the experience of living in the middle of the desert as an authentic berber “Tuareg”

In the heart of the dunes of the Sahara desert, in wild lands dominated by the Berbers where life. grows of the survival of the ancestral tribes to Travel its roads in search of water hidden under the dunes of Merzouga is Royal Oasis Camp. A luxury camp created by the inhabitants of the desert tribes that, in a union of ideas have designed an exclusive space for every traveler who goes into the desert.

With the hospitality of the Berber , we welcome you and offer you live an unforgettable experience in our lands.

Royal Oasis Camp is more than a camp in the desert.

Royal Oasis Camp is your house in the wilderness.

We invite you to release your spirit and feel the vastness of the desert , in a natural experience that will make you feel the fullness as a true nomad of the desert.

Let yourself be carried away by the sensations and lives from within the experience of the Sahara in our luxury camp equipped and designed to cover all the needs and curiosities that as a traveller can dream.

Imagine, we do the rest

Welcome to Royal Oasis Camp